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Are you considering a root canal treatment and need a dentist that has extensive experience in the procedure?  Perhaps you've been advised to have an extraction but want to explore some further options.  No matter what type of dental problem you're facing, you can be confident of receiving first rate care when you opt to use us for your dental needs.  As a leading dental practitioner, we have the skills and experience to effectively treat a wide range of dental problems, giving you expert solutions that deliver excellent results.

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We understand that many people are apprehensive when it comes to dental treatment, so we do everything we can at our Salisbury practice to make the experience as pleasant as possible.  From using advanced techniques to giving each patient as much time as they need, our aim is to provide a customized, sympathetic service which significantly improves the condition of your teeth and mouth.  


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If you've got a tooth that's badly decayed, you'll know that the options for treatment are normally either extraction or a root canal.  Although extraction may seem like the easiest solution, it does mean that once the tooth is gone, it can't be replaced.  Obviously prosthetic teeth can be fitted, but these are costly and sometimes cause further problems.  With a root canal treatment, the tooth is preserved.  Particularly when a root canal is undertaken in conjunction with a crown and post, the tooth can give many further years of service.

Effective Root Canal Treatment in Salisbury and Granite Quarry, NC

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A Root Canal Treatment has Several Advantages